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Two New Standards Published by Standards Australia - For Ink and Lighting […]
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Two new ISO standards, for ink & viewing conditions, are set to become Australian Standards following the latest announcement from Standards Australia […]
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Drafts of another two new Australian standards are now open to the public for review and comment and can be found on the Standards Australia website. If you would like to vote please read on […]
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Philip Lawrence represents the AU/TC 130 on new carbon footprint working group […]
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New ISO digital print standard is on the way […]
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The AU/TC 130 has reviewed 100's of documents from ISO. Click here to see the complete list of standards under development as well as those that have already been published […]
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The TC 130 met in Berlin earlier this year. Philip Lawrence was there as part of the new carbon footprint working group, read an update of the meeting here […]
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Why should you care about standardisation and printing?

Welcome to the Colour Standards website, a resource developed jointly by the Australian ISO TC 130 committee, the Lithographic Institute of Australia (LIA) and the Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA).

Why should you care about standardisation and printing? There are numerous benefits that standardisation, along with certification, brings.

  • There is a common, understood systematic approach to colour including consistent and repeatable processes
  • You have fewer colour failures in quality of service or product
  • People are clear about what to do and what to look for and how to check the colour results; they don't have to spend time 'making things up' or 'finding things out' or reinventing wheels
  • You can have more business or a better business because you can possibly sell to new markets and/or the certification distinguishes you in the marketplace
  • You know more quickly if things are going wrong with colour, and where
  • You stop spending money or time on the same old colour problems. Because many have been resolved permanently, and if another comes up, you now have a process and the resources and skills to identify & fix it. Faster, better, cheaper.
  • Better management of colour QA control and reporting - you know how your business is doing at colour consistency, repeatability and what to look at
  • Reduced waste, improved efficiency and production

A dictionary describes a "standard" as something established as a rule, example or basis of comparison. Some are surprised to learn that standardisation of print - offset, gravure, flexo or digital, within the ISO 12647 family - actually raises the bar for quality. Especially colour quality.

The Australian ISO TC 130 committee, the Lithographic Institute of Australia (LIA) and the Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA) have a shared goal to promote the implementation of international standards into the Australian Graphic Technology market as a means of ensuring that our industry can compete on a global basis, as well as providing print certainty for the Australian industry and their clients.

Whether you are a print buyer, a printer, designer or any other interested member of the Graphic Arts community, we believe this site can offer the information that you need to achieve internationally recognized production standards. This site aims to provide an Australian focus for an international issue and to deliver information, education and assistance to those within the printing industry seeking to adopt the new Australian Standard.

A unique part of this website is the list of all known Australian printers who have achieved ISO certification or compliance to the 12647 suite of standards. We endeavor to keep this list as up to date as possible.

Please take the time to check the listing at

David Crowther
Australia TC 130 Chairman