7th of February 2011 –The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has formed a new working group (WG11) which will be charged with formulating an international standard for measuring the environmental impact of printed matter.

This move hopes to remove the confusion associated with the various carbon measurement models available and aims to create a clear guideline for printing companies wishing to measure their carbon output.

Local environmental expert Phillip Lawrence was nominated to this new Working Group by Australia’s ISO TC 130 committee.

Phillip Lawrence claims, “The industry, around the world is becoming populated with, for want of a better term Private Label calculators. Although it is good to see firms take this activity on-board, the individual calculators do not give stakeholders of the industry the real opportunity to compare carbon output from firm to firm in a standard way”.

Phillip has previously represented the Australian TC 130 committee as a member of the carbon foot-printing Task Force and has again been enlisted to participate with the new working group.

Australian TC 130 Chairman Luke Wooldridge says “The Australian TC 130 committee is once again delighted that Phillip will represent the Australian Industry by contributing to the framework of what will be an important new international standard.”

“Many printing companies are already very conscious of their impact on the environment however right now there is not one universally accepted method for measuring this impact. It is hoped that when this new standard is eventually released it will create a clear and consistent way for printers to measure their carbon footprint which will inturn help the industry remain competitive”.

Phillip Lawrence currently works with a number of organisations in Australia and Asia to help them develop their concept of sustainability. He is also a highly sought after speaker on such topics as environmental research, political response to climate change and how industry is behaving in regards to sustainability concerns.

Environmental expert Phillip Lawrence will represent the Australian TC 130 committee
on the carbon footprint working group to devise a standard for measuring
the environmental impact of print.